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Abundant bitcoin crowdfunding

abundant bitcoin crowdfunding

GJason Pamental Responsive Typography: Design for Meaning, Not for Screen Size By forex world time clock Jason Pamental September 10, 2014 Responsive Typography is the notion that our type must move and change and adapt just as the rest of our designs. GTravis Lowdermilk A Developer's Introduction to User-Centered Design By Travis Lowdermilk December 11, 2012 This webcast will explore how to effectively work with users in creating products they'll love. This is especially true of Clojure. In this talk we will explore the factors that influence each of these metrics. Mobile Application Development with Couchbase, iOS and Android. Service Design: Designing cross-channel service experiences By Lavrans Løvlie, Andy Polaine, Ben Reason March 14, 2013 We'll start with a brief introduction to Service Design and cover a case study from an insurance company to demonstrate its key service design ideas and methods. Starting with some basic assets, we'll demonstrate and talk through the entire process of building a complete 2D game of Asteroids, complete with gameplay, physics, lighting, and user. GJosh Varty Hands-on with Roslyn from fundamentals to writing code By Josh Varty May 26, 2015 Join Josh as we explore the basics of Roslyn and how you can get started writing code analyzers with Roslyn.

Crypto Tokens: A Breakthrough in Open Network Design

GAlistair Croll Strata Online Conference: Strata Santa Clara 2013 Preview By Alistair Croll February 15, 2013 In this free online conference, we'll be showcasing some of the hot topics and thought-provoking speakers who will be joining us for the event. (It also provided a simple way for new token networks to launch on top of the Ethereum network, using a standard known. GFred Hébert Modern Server Application Design with Erlang By Fred Hébert September 03, 2013 In this presentation, we will explore some common application design patterns, tools, libraries, and optimizations used by Erlang developers for production systems. We'll also look at where Android came from and where it could be going with its open-ness. GJonathan Zdziarski iPhone Forensics: Live Recovery of an iPhone 3Gs By Jonathan Zdziarski September 16, 2009 In this webcast, Jonathan Zdziarski will demonstrate the latest forensic method to conduct a live recovery of an iPhone 3Gs. Everything You Wanted to Know about Drupal but were Afraid to Ask By Jeff Eaton, James Walker December 05, 2008 In this live, online webcast, Drupal developers Jeff Eaton and James Walker (Using Drupal) will guide newcomers through the nuts. GMike Halsey Building a Bomb-Proof Backup Strategy By Mike Halsey March 01, 2012 In this webcast, Mike Halsey, the author of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out, talks you through how you can build a simple, hands-free backup strategy that is quite literally bombproof. Chris Anderson May 20, 2010 Learn to hack jQuery CouchApps - p2p web applications that can be deployed anywhere there's a CouchDB. In this session you'll learn how to step away from your traditional content development.

GShahin Farshchi Hardware-focused VC suggests 5 ways to build value into your startup By Shahin Farshchi May 19, 2015 Venture Capitalist Shahin Farshchi will talk about nascent tools startup entrepreneurs can use abundant bitcoin crowdfunding to build great products. GMarc Rochkind Using JavaScript, html5, and CSS to Build Your First Chrome App By Marc Rochkind November 14, 2014 Even if you have minimal JavaScript experience, you can create powerful Google Chrome Apps with conventional html web technologies. GBernard Golden Cloud Computing: The Next Frontier for Open Source By Bernard Golden July 09, 2009 The current financial crisis has raised enterprise interest in two technology trends: open source and cloud computing. Indexes are one of the most detailed metadata sets available for your content, and can be used to search, recommend, explore, and create. Tokens are a breakthrough in open network design that enable: 1) the creation of open, decentralized networks that combine the best architectural properties of open and proprietary networks, and 2) new ways to incentivize open network participants, including users, developers, investors, and service providers. GEd Snajder 3D Printing for Everyone By Ed Snajder July 10, 2013 In this webcast, I will introduce you to my open source 3D Printer that I built from a kit. We'll share our results in this webcast, along with insights into why businesses still struggle to drive value from their Hadoop data lake mdash. GSarah Sorensen Using ICT (Information Communications Technology) to Create a Sustainable Business By Sarah Sorensen January 21, 2010 Sustainability is not a catch phrase or a flash-in-the pan endeavor; it is a guiding principle that drives a business's value creation. What's new and cool in Drupal 7? GGuy Podjarny Stranger Danger: Securing npm Dependencies By Guy Podjarny January 10, 2017 Guy shares data about risk, shows how to find and fix known vulnerabilities in npm dependencies, discusses how to prioritize the ones worthy of manual inspection. At that price point the Zero is uniquely suited for hardware hacking projects; we'll show you. Lesa will show you how to create beautiful gifts of all kinds.

Oscon 2011: Take-aways, Trends, and Highlights By Edd Wilder-James, Sarah Novotny, Laurel Ruma August 11, 2011 In this event wrap-up, oscon co-chairs Edd Dumbill, Sarah Novotny, and Laurel Ruma will identify and discuss the trends and announcements that. We will get you up to speed fast and put your project management skills to work. " Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic" / Harvard University. GJonathan Follett UX Design for Emerging Technologies By Jonathan Follett April 30, 2015 In this webcast, we'll take a look at the role of the UX designer, as new technologies begin to blur the boundaries between design and engineering for software, hardware, and biotech. What Traditional Publishers Can Learn from Self-Publishers By Mark Coker, Chad Jennings, Pete Nikolai, Bob Young June 23, 2011 The lines between traditional and self-publishing is blurring. GDoris Chen Angular or Backbone: Go Mobile! GJonathan Sharp 5 jQuery mistakes you're probably making in your project By Jonathan Sharp July 13, 2010 The ease and simplicity of jQuery's API can be attributed to its success and shortcomings as new developers tackle larger and more complex tasks. GJohn Graham-Cumming Around the world in 32 minutes with The Geek Atlas By John Graham-Cumming June 24, 2009 In this webcast, author John Graham-Cumming presents a tour of 32 places from his book, The Geek Atlas, in 32 minutes. GLeslie Hawthorn Civility, Empathy, and Women in Technology By Leslie Hawthorn June 13, 2014 In this talk, I will discuss why it's worth your while to understand your own innate privilege - or, as I like to think. GJoshua-Michele Ross The Evangelist's Toolkit: A field guide to bringing social technologies into your organization By Joshua-Michele Ross September 30, 2008 While it has become clich? to talk about how much the Internet and the Social Web have changed. In fact, it may have a bigger impact on readability and usability than any other aspect.

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GJonathan Stark The Glanceable Web: Extending Web Apps to Smart Watches By Jonathan Stark August 21, 2014 Follow along as Jonathan shows you how to extend a web app to display glanceable information on a Pebble smart watch using html, CSS, JavaScript, and json. GJonathan Stark Modern Web Design with Progressive Enhancement, Responsive Design, and CSS3 By Jonathan Stark June 19, 2014 Follow along with Jonathan Stark as he uses progressive enhancement, responsive design, and cutting edge CSS3 techniques to build a sophisticated user. Improve Performance of Database-Backed Applications with a Geographically-Distributed Database By Joe Lichtenberg, Don Pinto, Dominic Satur September 10, 2015 In this presentation, you will learn how new database technologies have made it practical to run replicated, active database servers in multiple. GEric Redmond Programming Google Glass By Eric Redmond March 25, 2014 Any developer with experience programming web services or smartphone applications need only make a short leap in their XU (user experience) sensibilities, and a few new tools, to program Google Glass. How to Leverage Spark and NoSQL for Data Driven Applications By Will Gardella, Michael Nitschinger May 31, 2016 Your web, mobile, and IoT applications generate an endless stream of information that can improve the operational efficiency and. By Jaime Velez August 18, 2011 In this presentation Jaime Velez will introduce Small and Midsize Businesses to Office 365, its main capabilities, and will discuss the real business value behind this revolutionary service provided by Microsoft. GViktor Farcic Continuously deploying containers with Jenkins Pipeline to a Docker Swarm cluster By Viktor Farcic June 21, 2016 Viktor Farcic gets you started on your Docker journey, addressing Docker's challenges and outlining the steps you need to take.

abundant bitcoin crowdfunding

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Anton Spraul October 01, 2013 In this one-of-a-kind webcast, author. GRic Messier Preparing for a network incident By Ric Messier September 03, 2015 In this webcast, Ric Messier will explore: incident response policy, the importance of logging, gathering network data, legality of monitoring, getting some help internally, getting some help externally. GAndré Arko Lies, Damn Lies, and Metrics By André Arko October 22, 2014 This webcast talk covers common blind spots in instrumentation and metrics setups. Although you could describe Twitter as just a free, high-speed. GJean-René Gauthier An Intro to Predictive Modeling for Customer Lifetime Value By Jean-René Gauthier February 28, 2017 In this webcast, we explain the ins and outs of probabilistic models that can be used to quantify the future value of a customer. Steemit is still a beta project and has since had mixed results, but was an interesting experiment in how to generalize the mutually reinforcing interaction between users and investors that Bitcoin and Ethereum first demonstrated. GPatrick Meenan Hands-on Performance Testing and Analysis with WebPagetest By Patrick Meenan January 19, 2011 In this webcast we'll explore hands-on performance testing and analysis with WebPagetest - the advanced capabilities you never knew existed.

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GJaime Levy Conducting methodical guerrilla user research without monkey business By Jaime Levy February 24, 2016 Through a Hollywood café case study, this presentation will outline exactly how to plan, conduct, and quickly analyze measurable feedback through cost-effective qualitative field research. The base data of the abundant bitcoin crowdfunding map you are looking at could have been updated in the past couple of days in time those updates will be instantaneous. GDave Zwieback The Human Side of Postmortems By Dave Zwieback April 30, 2013 This webcast presented by Dave Zwieback will specifically focus on the effects and mitigation of stress and cognitive biases during outages and postmortems. GDamon Feldman Cleaning up your enterprise data architecture By Damon Feldman November 02, 2017 In this webcast, Damon Feldman will discuss how an operational data hub can be combined with the data lake. A lot of attention has been paid to token pre-sales (so-called ICOs but they are just one of multiple ways in which the token model innovates on network incentives. What copy or content should you develop to generate the most revenue from your website. GMike Halsey Securing Your Files and Data in Windows By Mike Halsey August 04, 2011 In this webcast, Mike Halsey MVP, the author of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out will talk you though how to keep your files. GSpike Brehm In Pursuit of the Holy Grail: Building Isomorphic JavaScript Apps By Spike Brehm August 07, 2014 In our experience building isomorphic JavaScript apps at Airbnb, we have found that the inherent challenges can be separated into two areas: Writing. He'll also discuss his favorite photo philosophies, including: The Camera Looks. Author of Cloud Application Architectures and enStratus founder and CTO George Reese provides this introduction into establishing. First aid for time-wasting, energy-sapping meetings By Dick Axelrod, Emily Axelrod October 26, 2016 Dick and Emily provide tactics and guidance to help you run your next meeting better.

Downey May 18, 2016 In this webcast I unpack these myths and explain the pros and cons of Bayesian methods compared to classical statistics. In this webcast presented by Ido Green, author of Web Workers, will start with the ideas of adaptive apps and offline first. GEthan Brown Leveraging the Google Maps API with Express By Ethan Brown May 20, 2014 In this webcast we will learn to build a simple website with Express that has integrated mapping and learn to use Codio: all you need is a browser! GSteve Miller-Jones Website Performance Testing: Meaningful Best Practices By Steve Miller-Jones June 10, 2014 In this webcast, we'll review best practices for conducting performance trials while showing real-world metrics for meaningful performance testing. GPeter Bell GitHub Flow - Easy Collaboration via GitHub By Peter Bell January 29, 2015 In this webcast you'll see how easy it is to use GitHub to collaborate on new features with your development team. GDux Raymond Sy 5 Deadly Sins of SharePoint in The Enterprise By Dux Raymond Sy November 14, 2011 Join Dux Raymond Sy, Managing Partner of Innovative-e, as he discusses five common pitfalls in your organization's implementation of SharePoint and how to avoid them. There are a small but growing number of tools, ranging from big guns like those from Adobe to iPad-based efforts that aim to make publishing a touch and drag affair. GIan Molyneaux Getting Started with Performance Testing By Ian Molyneaux December 10, 2014 Hot on the heels of the publication of his book The Art of Application Performance Testing, second edition, Ian Molyneaux will give a high level overview of the. In this session you'll learn what they are and when you should use them. GSteve Portigal Interviewing Users: Uncovering Compelling Insights By Steve Portigal November 21, 2013 This webcast will look at how to frame the research problem so abundant bitcoin crowdfunding it has the most impact on the team and their design. A well-designed token network carefully manages the distribution of tokens across all five groups of network participants (users, core developers, third-party developers, investors, service providers) to maximize the growth of the network. GStephan Spencer Become an Expert Google Searcher in an Hour By Stephan Spencer September 28, 2011 Learn how you too can become an expert Google searcher and extract invaluable data about your competitors and about the market like never.

Fintech and regtech: Impact on regulators and banks

GAngela Nicoara Who Killed My Battery: Analyzing Mobile Browser Energy Consumption By Angela Nicoara May 24, 2013 In this webcast presentation, we present an infrastructure for measuring the precise energy used by a mobile browser to render web pages. GDavid Wolber What's Next for App Inventor? In Part-two Maximiliano talks about WPO's impacting on mobile web. GStephanie Krieger Take it to the next level: introducing VBA and Office Open XML for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2010 By Stephanie Krieger December 09, 2011 In this webcast, get an introduction to both VBA and Office Open XML that's specifically. GJonathan Stark Debugging Mobile Apps By Jonathan Stark May 16, 2013 In this interactive webcast presented by Jonathan Stark author of Building Android Apps with html, CSS, and JavaScript, 2nd Edition, and Building iPhone Apps with html, CSS, and JavaScript. After delivering the framework, Joshua will open the webcast to a Q A discussion. At the core of this is iterationa cycle of learning and adapting that's driven by data. GSteve Wendel The Business of Behavior Change By Steve Wendel September 26, 2013 In this interactive webcast presented by Stephen Wendel author of Designing for Behavior Change, he will talk about the business of behavior change: what it means. GBrett Hill Working with Office 365 for Small Business By Brett Hill March 14, 2012 This webcast presentation focuses on Microsoft Office 365 for Small Business and Professionals. Build a Game in Less Than an Hour with Unity By Paris Buttfield-Addison, Jon Manning February 10, 2015 In this webcast, we'll build a game in Unity from start to finish. It's based on information in chapter 7 ( The Concurrency API ) of his best-selling new book, Effective Modern.

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GTom Hale Virtual Currency in One Hour By Tom Hale October 09, 2009 Second Life's virtual economy has a GDP of 500 million US Dollars all enabled by the Linden dollar. GRichard Hundhausen Professional Scrum Development with Visual Studio 2012 By Richard Hundhausen October 17, 2012 Scrum and Visual Studio 2012 make for a powerful combination. GTim Anglade Build Your First Mobile App With: html5, jQuery, PhoneGap By Tim Anglade June 25, 2013 Join us for a hands-on live webcast to learn everything you need to know to build a mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry! It just might transform the auto industry by providing new opportunities. GMike Halsey Setting up and Configuring a new PC By Mike Halsey December 13, 2011 In this webcast, Mike Halsey the author of Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out and the forthcoming Windows 8 Step by Step, cuts through the. GVanessa Fox Top Technical Roadblocks Keeping Your Website from Being Seen by Searchers By Vanessa Fox May 02, 2012 In this webcast you will learn how search engines crawl and index sites, and the common technical issues preventing your content from being indexed and ranked. GMatthew Russell Data Science Experiments with Twitter and IPython Notebook By Matthew Russell December 13, 2013 After attending this mini-workshop, you'll be able to run your own data science experiments with Twitter's API and IPython Notebook! GMark Ethan Trostler Exploiting Multi-Process Architectures using Javascript By Mark Ethan Trostler November 15, 2012 In this hands-on webcast presented by Mark Ethan Trostler, author of Testable JavaScript, you will learn the difference between the two paradigms and the implications of each. GAdrian Mouat Container Orchestration with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos/Marathon abundant bitcoin crowdfunding and Nomad By Adrian Mouat May 04, 2016 In this hands-on webcast we will compare and contrast the major platforms for running Docker containers, focussing on Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos/Marathon and Nomad. Yes, says global tech ethnographer, Tricia Wang. Creating Meaningful Metrics That Get Your Users to do the Things You Want By Buddy Brewer, Steve Souders, Mark Zeman April 23, 2015 In this session, Buddy Brewer from soasta, along with Mark Zeman and Steve Souders from. GSimon Monk Using your Maker Skills to survive a Zombie Apocalypse with Raspberry Pi and Arduino By Simon Monk January 06, 2016 In this webcast, Simon Monk will discuss his new book 'The Maker's Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse'. GKim Rees Best of Strata Hadoop World 2012: How to See Data By Kim Rees October 09, 2013 Join us for an exclusive presentation by Kim Reese recorded live at Strata Hadoop World 2012 gLesa Snider Learn to Master Photoshop's.

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GIndi Young Balancing Science with Person-Focused Research By Indi Young March 10, 2015 In this webcast you will learn the valuable way to practice empathy, and it goes far beyond being a hot buzzword. Real-time marketing analytics with stream processing By Murthy Mathiprakasam, George Willard September 19, 2017 Join this O'Reilly webcast for a discussion of the lessons learned in applying streaming analytics to online customer interactions. Intelligent Integration: abundant bitcoin crowdfunding How HP Vertica Uses Apache Kafka and Spark to Gain Quicker Business Insights By Eamon O'Neill, Jeff Veis December 10, 2015 Join Eamon O'Neill as we demonstrate how HP Vertica, a leading SQL analytics database, natively integrates. GRick Sammon 10 Key Ingredients for Cookin' Digital Pictures By Rick Sammon June 26, 2008 In this live webcast, world-renowned photographer Rick Sammon will share his top digital photography tips, including his 10 Key Ingredients for Cookin' Digital Photographs. Ethereum, introduced in 2014 and launched in 2015, was the first major non-Bitcoin token network. GTim Yao Implementing InnerSource Patterns: Solve Organizational Problems by Leveraging Community Contributions By Tim Yao June 01, 2017 In this webcast, you'll learn what InnerSource patterns are and how they solve specific problems within an organization. GDan Kusnetzky What is desktop virtualization and why hasn't it taken over the world? Learn how timers affect power consumption. GJoseph Albahari New and Upcoming Features in linqpad and C# 5 By Joseph Albahari July 25, 2012 Meet Joe Albahari, creator of linqpad, for a rare live session. Bill will explain the transformation that is in process to revolutionize the technical and experience stack at PayPal. GJulia Lerman Tour the Top 10 Treats in Entity Framework 4 By Julia Lerman January 27, 2010 Visual Studio 2010 and.NET.0 bring us a new version of T Entity Framework, called Entity Framework. The Best of Velocity - Choose Your Own Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo By Adam Jacob, Jesse Robbins May 22, 2012 Highlights from this talk by Jesse Robbins and Adam Jacob talk include how marketing works, The No A*holes rule, Things.

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Xbrl: the what, why and who. Doing the work: Practical approach to Data Preparation for Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning. GBryan McQuade The Best of Velocity - Understanding and Optimizing Web Performance Metrics By Bryan McQuade September 04, 2012 There are many different web performance metrics, including onload, time to first byte, above the fold time, domcontentLoaded, and time to first interaction, among others. GGary Garber lego EV3. In fact, some traditional publishers are launching their own self-publishing imprints. In this presentation, Bernard Golden, CEO of HyperStratus will discuss how the two trends reinforce one another, and why cloud computing. By Charlie Hoffman, Steve Levine April 22, 2009 This webcast will introduce you to xbrl and answer your questions. We'll take the audience step-by-step through the process, and then uses MMM (MySQL Multi-master Manager) to manage automate the process exposing a virtual IP address. GBlake Meike Concurrent programming in Android By Blake Meike September 29, 2011 This webcast is designed to familiarize engineers actively engaged in Android development with Android's concurrency tools. By, ben MacKenzie, Bilal Paracha, june 20, 2018, this webcast discusses a new data and analytics architecture that enables significant improvements in ongoing operational Industrial Inspection. GMischa Taylor Infrastructure Automation is on the Menu with Chef By Mischa Taylor October 08, 2014 In this webcast, we'll present an overview of the programming language behind Chef and how you can get started using Chef to support your applications and services. GPete abundant bitcoin crowdfunding Cheslock How to get started with DevOpSec By Pete Cheslock February 23, 2017 This webcast will discuss how to improve your security posture, whether you have a security team or not.

To ensure everyone is pointed at the same star, however, you need. GAnton Chuvakin The Top Five Log Analysis Mistakes By Anton Chuvakin May 27, 2008 In this live webcast, security expert Anton Chuvakin will cover operational security challenges that organizations face while deploying log and alert collection and analysis infrastructure. Entity Resolution on Hadoop: The Pitfalls of Building It Yourself By Dave Moore, Jennifer Reed March 24, 2015 In this webcast, hear from a solutions architect and a product manager who talk to organizations every day about Hadoop and their entity resolution and analysis requirements. Tim O'Reilly and Dave Campbell Explore How to Accelerate Insights from Data By Tim O'Reilly, David Campbell May 14, 2012 Tim O'Reilly, founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media, talks with Microsoft Technical Fellow Dave Campbell about new tools for data. GBill Kornfeld Event Analytics in Hadoop: Analyzing Cross-Channel Customer Behavior By Bill Kornfeld November 04, 2015 Join. Js - Bringing Open Source to the Enterprise By Jeff Harrell November 04, 2014 In this webcast led by Jeff Harrel, you'll learn the story of how we changed our enterprise culture and started giving back to the open source community. In addition to answering the most common question, What the heck is Augmented Reality? GMark Allen Using DTrace on Your Application Code By Mark Allen June 27, 2013 In this hands-on webcast we'll talk about applying the open source dynamic tracing (DTrace) facility available in Solaris (and friends Mac OS X, and FreeBSD to python. GBernard Golden Cloud Computing and Security: Can't We all Just Get Along? GMatt Frisbie What Lies Ahead for AngularJS By Matt Frisbie November 13, 2014 This webcast takes a code-level look at some of the recent framework modifications, as well as upcoming changes and additions expected in the.0 release and beyond. Interested in coding data visualizations on the web, but don't know where to start?